Integration with Hodder Education's range of eTextbooks

Integral is the ideal companion to Hodder Education’s range of Whiteboard and Student eTextbooks. 

You can easily get to the eTextbooks by clicking the link within Integral.

You can also access the relevant Integral resources from within the pages of the eTextbook.

Whiteboard eTextbooks

Whiteboard eTextbooks are online, interactive versions of the printed textbooks that are ideal for whole-class discussion and annotation.

They are fully integrated with Integral, so that all of the relevant resources are readily accessible when needed, whether at the front of the class or planning lessons.

Student eTextbooks

Student eTextbooks are downloadable versions of the printed textbook that teachers can assign – and reassign – to students.

If your students have access to both Hodder Education eTextbooks and Integral, they can move with ease between corresponding topics.


To make the most of the link between Hodder Education's Boost eTextbooks and Integral, you must be subscribed to both.