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Integral is developed by MEI, an independent charity committed to improving maths education. We aim to develop understanding, confidence and enjoyment in using maths, by encouraging the engagement and participation of students, and by supporting and inspiring teachers.

MEI’s work to support maths education includes:

  • developing curriculum specifications and schemes of assessment
  • providing professional development opportunities for teachers
  • publishing teaching and learning resources
  • providing direct support to students

MEI is an independent charity; any income generated through our work is used to support maths education.

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MEI leads the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme

MEI manages and implements the government-funded Advanced Mathematics Support Programme, which aims to increase participation in Core Maths, AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, and improve the teaching of these level 3 maths qualifications.

Through the programme, we provide free or low-cost support for teachers and students in state-funded schools and colleges throughout England. Additional support is offered in areas of low social mobility so that, whatever their gender, background or location, students can choose their best post-16 maths pathway and have access to high-quality teaching.

Innovative teaching and learning resources

Integral is MEI’s online teaching and learning platform.

We are continuously developing new resources to extend, enrich and support the teaching and learning of maths.

Integral is also often used to support MEI’s delivery of professional development and student support, either as a home for specially-created resources, or as a platform for hosting online events.

Integral Maths
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