Maths, easier, for everyone

Integral is an award-winning online teaching and learning platform for A Level Mathematics designed to develop deep independent mathematical understanding.

Whether you are a student, an educator, or simply a maths enthusiast, Integral is the perfect ally to support learning, teaching and enjoyment of A level maths in a dynamic, interactive and comprehensive way.

Online maths resources in one place, everywhere

Designed for use on both desktop and mobile devices

Access from school, college, university or home at any time

Resources tailored to each of the different A level awarding bodies


Comprehensive maths learning at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need it

Integral provides extensive maths resources for students to support your study and revision for A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, whether you’re learning on your own or to support with your course.

A wide range of features

Interactive books

Mobile friendly books to learn or revise concepts in a topic. Challenge yourself with interactive activities alongside key notes and ideas.


Thousands of pages of high-quality and extensive notes, all written in a friendly, helpful, and accessible style. They feature fully-worked examples and explain common misconceptions.

On-screen tests

On-screen tests to assess understanding and monitor progress all the way to examination, with immediate feedback for students and powerful analytic tools for teachers.


Three levels of exercises with fully-worked solutions provided to all questions.

Teaching activities

An extensive range of maths resources for teachers to use, providing lesson ideas and activities with corresponding learner materials.

We have put a lot into it

From A levels to Higher Education, Integral supports educators with extensive maths resources for use both in the classroom and online, while tracking the progress of their students using advanced analytic tools.




Pages of notes


Crucial points


Written exercise Questions


Online test questions


Exam-style questions


Teaching ideas and resources


Interactive resources


Save time planning lessons and tracking student progress.

Each section includes a teacher-only area with various starters, tasks and ideas including online Desmos classroom and GeoGebra activities. Online self-marking tests provide you with instant feedback on student understanding, effort, and attainment.

Fully integrated with Hodder Education eBooks

Integral is the ideal companion to Hodder Education’s range of eTextbooks. Move easily and seamlessly between relevant sections of Integral and the eTextbooks.


This is what our subscribers say

The walkthrough helped me visualise content as someone with a short attention span (wish there are more of it) and learning difficulties. The skills pack do help me practice.
Year 12 student
I find the whole site invaluable & a necessary subscription as I am a private entrant. The videos together with the rigorous tests push me to the limit, just what you need to achieve top marks.
A Level Student
We look around for other A Level resources each year, but nothing has been found that’s a better resource for EdExcel than Integral. Integral reduces marking by 4 hours every 2 weeks per class compared to other non-resourced subjects.
Kings Priory School
Head of Maths
The improvements have been superb and it is great the way you listen and respond
It’s particularly great to have Integral as it currently is as a wonderful place to direct students for revision; it’s well-organised, has supporting notes/examples, and different levels of practice question, meaning that it’s ideal for us to suggest as a ‘go to’ place to build up topic-by-topic familiarity; thank you! 
The reason we buy Integral it is that we like the activities and the how students can use it independently.
Alcester Grammar School
Head of Maths

All school subscriptions include

Unlimited teacher accounts

Access to all the content of choice

Expert support

Join us!

Join a worldwide community of almost 1000 schools, nearly 9500 teachers and more than 90,000 students that are already enhancing their teaching and learning with Integral.

Integral is created and run by MEI – an independent charity committed to improving maths education. As a charity, MEI is able to focus on supporting maths education, rather than generating profit; that’s why we’re able to offer fantastic resources at a low price. Our specialists have considerable classroom experience and deep expertise in teaching and learning.

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