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to support maths teaching and learning

Designed to develop deep mathematical understanding and all the skills students need

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Integral is an online teaching and learning environment that...

  • ...supports teachers with extensive resources for use in both the classroom and online
  • ...helps students to learn maths independently
  • ...enables teachers to track the progress of their students using advanced analytic tools

Integral has everything you need, all in one place

A wide-range of different resources

High quality and affordable

Integral has been developed by experts at MEI.

MEI is an independent charity, committed to improving maths education. Our maths education specialists have considerable classroom experience and deep expertise in the teaching and learning of maths.

As a charity, MEI is able to focus on supporting maths education, rather than generating profit. That's why we're able to offer fantastic resources at a low price.

Powerful analytics to track progress and assess students' learning

  • At a glance information about students’ responses to questions in on-screen tests with a red/amber/green system
  • Compare your students scores to the average scores across all users
  • Detailed information about each student’s response to each question

Join our community

Almost 900 schools subscribe to Integral, with nearly 9500 teachers and 90,000 students making regular use of our resources.

We’re all interested in the teaching and learning of maths and, as a community, we are here to help, challenge and respond to each other.

Following us on Twitter and making use of Integral’s user forums opens all that support up to you; you can ask the community questions and, in turn, help others.

Integral is award-winning

ERA 2022 Finalist BETT Awards 2022 Finalist ERA 2020 Finalist

Easy for you and your students to use

  • Designed for use on both desktop and tablet devices
  • Access from school, college, university and home at any time

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