Integral for teacher trainees

Congratulations on getting a place to complete your teacher training!

Integral for trainee teachers is a new course we have designed to help those embarking on this wonderful career.

This course is for anyone who has a place to start their teacher training but knows that they would like to enhance their subject knowledge. This is not a full SKE course; it is built around GCSE topics that are key to delivering the higher level of the qualification.

Why create this course?

Our experience in working with trainee teachers who have not been required to complete an SKE shows us that there are often gaps in knowledge and understanding of key topics in Higher Tier GCSE. We have used our extensive set of resources to create a self-assessed, self-paced course taking you through topics from fractions through to 3D trigonometry and even a sneak peek of some A level calculus.

What’s in the course?

There are 18 topics. Each topic has its own online test, and you can track your progress across the whole course easily using the completion tracker. The results of any tests are just for you, nobody else monitors this course.

Each topic has notes and examples, practice questions with written solutions and an online section test that self-marks. Some topics have an interactive element, videos and other resources to help you become familiar again with the demands of Higher Tier GCSE maths.

  • Fractions
  • Percentages
  • Ratio
  • Surds
  • Manipulating expressions
  • Linear and quadratic equations
  • Factorising
  • Algebraic fractions
  • Completing the square
  • Functions
  • Simultaneous equations
  • Linear and quadratic inequalities
  • Indices
  • Straight-line graphs
  • Curves and circles
  • Pythagoras
  • Angle rules
  • Circle theorems
  • Trigonometry
  • 3D Pythagoras and trigonometry
  • Statistical diagrams
  • Measure of centre and spread
  • Probability
  • Differentiation and Integration

The following video gives you an overview of the course.

How long will it take to complete?

We anticipate the course taking around 40 hours of work. Depending on your available time it should take 4-8 weeks over the summer prior to starting your training. However, a subscription to the course gives you access for one year so you can pick and choose the topics as you need to. This allows you to learn ahead of the training from your provider, which tends to be delivered in modules covering number, algebra, shape, and data.

High quality and affordable

Integral has been developed by experts at MEI.

MEI is an independent charity, committed to improving maths education. Our maths education specialists have considerable classroom experience and deep expertise in the teaching and learning of maths.

As a charity, MEI is able to focus on supporting maths education, rather than generating profit. That's why we're able to offer fantastic resources at a low price.

Easy to use

  • Designed for use on both desktop and tablet devices
  • Access from school, college, university and home at any time


1-year subscription


Your access will last for a year so you can revisit any topics as you need or dip a toe into A level maths with the included calculus topics.