Supporting teachers in and out of the classroom

Make the most of your time

Everything you need as a teacher, all in one place

Covers the whole curriculum with thousands of teaching and learning resources

Tools for tracking progress

Perfect for flipped learning

Allows you to focus on planning, teaching and reviewing


Integral is different from other resources. It keeps the teacher at the centre of students’ learning with great teaching ideas and activities.


Quality materials with great support

Used in thousands of schools and colleges, you can trust Integral to offer comprehensive support for teaching and learning both in and out of the classroom.

Developed to the highest standards by MEI

Used daily by thousands of teachers and students

Help to get you up and running

Excellent on-going support

A support team who listen and care



I could concentrate on delivery rather than creating lots of resources.


I've been using Integral to teach statistics

Integral resources enabled me to make statistics hands-on and practical for the students. Integral meant I could concentrate on delivery rather than creating lots of resources.

The teaching activities include suggestions for their use in lessons, including good questions and discussion points to bring out.

My students also use the section tests. The way Integral reports on them allows me to quickly identify any misconceptions my students might have.

Emma, Maths Teacher, Brompton Academy


Ideal for your students

Integral is designed to develop deep understanding and the skills students need to apply maths. Teaching ideas and activities encourage students to discuss maths and work through problems with other students. Exercises practise the hand-written maths skills they need for exams and beyond. It’s also the ideal companion for Independent learning.


Tracking progress

Sections include three levels of written exercise covering basic skills through to extension questions, so that you can to set work appropriate for each student. Powerful analytics allow you to track progress and assess the effectiveness of individual student’s learning.


Ideal for you

It’s easy to navigate and you can select what you want from the rich bank of learning resources. Teacher resources, linked to a scheme of work, include teaching ideas, classroom activities, whiteboard-friendly resources, and printable materials.



Integral is bursting with ideas to facilitate practice and understanding, and get students working together. Whether you’re experienced or you’re new to teaching a topic, you’ll find it invaluable.


Join the community

Our discussion forums put you in touch with other users as well as Integral’s dedicated support team. Keep up to date with new developments via newsletters and Twitter, and join in with webinars and teacher events.



You can be confident in the quality of Integral. It’s been developed to the highest standards by maths education specialists from MEI. It’s used daily by thousands of teachers and students and is fully up-to-date with the latest specifications.

Preview our resources


Teacher support

helping teachers make the most of their time



enabling students to explore new areas of maths independently


Skill packs

providing essential practice to consolidate learning


Notes, examples and crucial points

helpfully written notes, all the common misconceptions laid out



three levels of exercise for each section of learning


Topic assessments and section tests

for monitoring progress all the way to examination preparation


Problem-solving (new for 2017)

developing essential skills for exams and beyond


Dynamic mechanics resources

including walkthroughs and easy-to-do classroom activities


Large data set (new for 2017)

including data sets, exercises, videos and presentations

Sample the old specification modular site

Integral's resources are tailored to five A level specifications.

Integral will be fully updated for the new A level specifications for first teaching in September 2017. The current version will remain available to support the legacy specifications..

Access sample sections from Core 1 or Further Pure 1 for your specification below.

Spec C1: Coordinate Geometry FP1: Complex Numbers

Sample the new 2017 linear specification site

School/college subscriptions

Subscriptions normally run to 30th September in the following academic year.

Choose from tailored resources for AQA, Edexcel, MEI, OCR and WJEC specifications

As many teacher accounts as you need

Prices start at £265 for ten student accounts

Number of student accounts Annual subscription cost
10 £265
20 £285
35 £315
50 £345
75 £420
100 £480
125 £530
150 £570
175 £600
200 £620
200+ Please contact us on 01225 774 144 or e-mail to discuss

Integral can be linked with Hodder eTextbooks

By subscribing to Hodder eTextbooks and to Integral you can take advantage of links between the two.

Find out more in this video:

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