} Ritangle - an Integral maths competition
21 days...
21 questions...
leading to one answer...
and one winning team.

Using technology in Ritangle

Rule 7 of Ritangle states: “Any help with the questions is permitted, including finding information about the questions on the web and using technology.”

You may have never used technology to solve a mathematical problem before but it can be extremely helpful - it can illuminate aspects of the problem that you may not have otherwise noticed and it can be great fun.

Technology can certainly help with some of the questions in Ritangle. This can range from using spreadsheets, to using graphing software, right the way through to coding. You might also find Computer Algebra Systems useful - these can perform algebraic processes in the same way that calculators carry out arithmetic. Here are some pointers to get started:

Approximating Roots of Equations:

Using GeoGebra and Desmos to approximate roots of equations

General advice about Excel (spreadsheet, which can be programmed with Visual Basic):

NRICH, Using Excel for mathematical investigation

Example: Using Excel to solve a problem involving the digits of numbers

Introduction to programming Excel using Visual Basic

General advice about GeoGebra (graph plotter, spreadsheet, general mathematical calculator, Computer Algebra System, programmable):

Getting started resources on MEI website

General advice about Python (programming language):

Codecademy course introducing Python