} Ritangle - an Integral maths competition
21 days...
21 questions...
leading to one answer...
and one winning team.

Praise for Ritangle from maths teachers

"A fantastic competition. My students are immensely proud to have got the final challenge completely correct."

"Probably my favourite competition out there. High quality questions, varied topics, fun for students and teachers. I love the many approaches that can be taken, and how students learn to use GeoGebra or Python or Excel as part of the process. It is also nice to have a competition that doesn't conflate speed with mathematical ability. There's definitely an overlap between students who enjoy the UKMT and Ritangle, but they are sufficiently different in their emphases that your competition caters well for many enthusiastic mathematicians who nonetheless wouldn't enjoy a time-pressured / no calculator / individual exam. Keep it up!"

"I think Ritangle is an amazing opportunity for students. Usually the problems they encounter in lessons, and even on certain mathematics and computer science competitions, are quite similar to ones they have seen before. Competing in Ritangle is a problem-solving experience that develops students' perseverance and creativity to another level, as well as their understanding of how to truly share ideas and collaborate on a task."

"Thank you very much!" - it's really motivating mathematically and, because student led, creates very little if any work for staff.

"The best thing to happen to A Level maths in the last few years. Students who take part are so engaged and excited by it, every year. They live and breathe it for the duration. And they learn so much from being involved in it."

"It was an extraordinarily wonderful thing to be involved with."

"A fantastic competition. My students are immensely proud to have got the final challenge completely correct."

"Just want to thank the organisers for a truly wonderful competition. Creative, challenging, innovative- it nurtured teamwork, enthusiasm, resilience. Absolutely loved it (not just saying that because the team managed to submit correct answers for everything but that success has made it even sweeter!)...."

"Please pass on my very best wishes, gratitude and admiration to the talented team who have created Ritangle. Long may it continue! "