Clues for Ritangle 2018

You can release a clue for Ritangle 2018 by inputting any correct final answer to one of questions 1-25 in the form here.

Please collect your clues carefully without sharing them with anyone outside your team. In addition, make a note of your final answers for these first 25 questions, because you will need them again later.

In some questions (although not in question 1) you are instructed to convert your answer into a final answer by multiplying by a given number and taking the integer part of the result. - the integer part of x is found by throwing away the decimal part of x. (Question 2 is the first one in which you are instructed to do this.)

For example, the integer part of 4.73267 is 4, and the integer part of 5 is 5.

Notice that if x is not an integer, you always round down here and never up.

Some of these final answers have 8 digits, so you need to work to unusual precision here; you are advised to keep all the digits your calculator gives you.

Please submit your answer here.

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