Ritangle 2020

Ritangle 2020 took place 5 October - 15 December 2020.

Ritangle is a competition designed for teams of students aged 16‌-‌18 who are currently studying either:

  • A level Mathematics
  • the International Baccalaureate
  • Scottish Highers
  • qualifications with equivalent content.

For more information about Ritangle, please visit our information page.

Ritangle 2020 winners

Congratulations to the winning team from

The Cherwell School, Oxford

Ritangle 2020 runners-up

The team from King Edward VI School, Stratford-Upon-Avon were runners up. They also produced some excellent work in stage 3 of the final question.

Teams from the following schools also reached stage 3 of the final question. Less than 5% of the teams that entered achieved this in a very challenging Ritangle 2020. Congratulations to all the schools and colleges below:

  • The West Bridgford School
  • Hills Road Sixth Form College
  • King Edward VI School, Southampton
  • Royal Grammar School, Guildford
  • Queensmead School
  • The London Oratory School
  • Saffron Walden County High School
  • Stephen Perse Foundation
  • Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School
  • Alleyn's School
  • The Latymer School
  • The British School of Brussels
  • St. Olave's Grammar School
  • Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet
  • Abingdon Senior School
  • Guiseley School
  • The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School
  • Wilson's School
  • Upton Court Grammar School
  • The Judd School
  • St Benedict's Catholic School
  • Roedean School
  • St. Peters School, York
  • Colyton Grammar School
  • Robert Clack School
  • Huish Episcopi Academy
  • London Academy of Excellence Tottenham
  • Beauchamp City Sixth Form
  • The English School
  • Henrietta Barnett School
  • The Thomas Hardye School
  • St Catherine's School, Bramley
  • South Bromsgrove High
  • Wallington County Grammar School
  • Highlands School
  • Maricourt Catholic High School
  • Hutton Church of England Grammar School

Clue for stage 1

Released: 0900 GMT, 10th December 2020

In the long string of numbers formed from the answers to questions 1 to 24 you should see lots of 1 and 2 digit primes. Now think how that might be a code.

Clues for stage 2

Released: 0900 GMT, 11th December 2020

From questions A to H you have another string of digits with lots more 1 and 2 digit primes in there. But this time the code is harder. Look back at all those names in questions 1-24 and A-H. They were chosen for a reason.

Released: After competition entries closed

Ritangle2020 clue 1 Download

Released: After competition entries closed

Ritangle2020 clue 2 Download

Released: After competition entries closed

Ritangle2020 clue 3 Download

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Ritangle 2020 questions


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