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September 24th 2018

Cambridge International version of Integral launched


May 1st 2018

Forty 'Rich tasks for Further Mathematics' authored by Jonny Griffiths will be appearing in Integral this term. The first ones have been uploaded today.


March 29th 2018

We are pleased to announce that a version of Integral to support the Cambridge International specification will be available soon.


January 11th 2018.

Happy New Year! Here is an update on the new Integral website to support the new AS/A levels.

So far this academic year our main focus has been to ensure content is available to support the new qualifications:

  • resources for AS/Year 1 Maths are now fully available and there are more specification-specific lessons for Large Data Sets to follow
  • resources for A level Pure Maths Pure and A level (Year 2) Mechanics are fully available; resources for A level Statistics are mostly available.
  • resources for AS/ Year 1 Further Maths are fully available with the exception of Numerical Methods for the MEI specification which is mostly available.

We are now working on resources for A level Further Mathematics. These will be fully available during 2018/19, with most by Christmas 2018. They will be uploaded to the site as they become available.


November 9th 2017:
First main competition question for Ritangle 2017 released. Good luck to everyone competing.

Get involved in our team competition for students of A level Mathematics!


October 18th 2017:
Resources for the Sequences and Number theory topics topics of OCR Additional Pure are now available.


October 2nd 2017:
First preliminary question for Ritangle 2017 released. Register your team now!

Get involved in our team competition for students of A level Mathematics!


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Other resources

Integral hosts collections of resources other than those for A level Maths and Further Maths.

Details of these are given below.

Resources for AQA level 2 Further Mathematics

AQA Level 2 Further Maths is an additional qualification for KS4 students who are likely to achieve high grades in GCSE mathematics and progress onto A level Mathematics.

Departmental access via a shared teacher account is still available for free through registration with the Further Mathematics Support Programme . Schools wishing to provide student accounts will be able to purchase a paid subscription, subscribe/more details.

Resources level 3 Core Maths

Subscription to this growing collection of resources is now available.Thanks to sponsorship from OCR, subscription is free to schools and colleges.

The subscription includes accounts for teachers, giving access to all the resources, and individual access for students. Individual access means students can access the resources from any computer, use the on-line tests and build up their own test record; tutors can access these and provide feedback, free subscription/more details.

Additional Mathematics (OCR)

Integral also contains teaching and learning resources for OCR Additional Mathematics. These will be available from October 2018 via a free subscription sponsored by OCR.

About MEI

MEI is committed to improving mathematics education and promotes teaching and learning through different strands of activity.

We support teachers through a range of professional development opportunities, including our annual conference.

Innovative resources are continually being developed to extend and enrich your knowledge of mathematics, whether teacher, student, undergraduate or member of the workforce.

MEI takes various opportunities to share and discuss with you the changing landscape of mathematics education, including consultation, discussions, social media, and our newsletters.

MEI is an independent charity; any income generated through our work is used to support mathematics education. We are a partner in the NCETM consortium, with responsibility for the secondary mathematics strand and also manage the government-funded Further Mathematics Support Programme.

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