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Our new resources for Cambridge International are now available.

Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI), an independent charity that has been supporting mathematics education in the UK for more than 50 years. We are a lead partner in the delivery of national education programmes for the UK government, and we work with several leading UK universities.

Integral has been developed by MEI’s experts in teaching mathematics and is used by over 30,000 students and 6,000 teachers. It is an online teaching and learning platform for teachers and students, offering high-quality resources and is used by over 30,000 students and 6,000 teachers. We have recently developed a new version of Integral to support the Cambridge International AS/A level Mathematics (9709) and Further Mathematics (9231) qualifications.

Annual subscription costs are given below. Take out a subscription.

Integral resources for Cambridge International

  • Integral is an extensive collection of teaching and learning resources, available by subscription. It can be used on computers and tablets.

  • It is possible to use our resources for Cambridge International alone or with Hodder Education's textbooks

What does it cover?

  • It supports your teaching of Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics (9709) and Cambridge International AS & A Level Further Mathematics (9231)

  • These syllabuses will be first examined in 2020.

  • The following content is available: Pure Mathematics 1;Pure Mathematics 2&3; Mechanics; Probability and Statistics 1; Probability and Statistics 2; Further Pure Mathematics 1; Further Pure Mathematics 2; Further Mechanics; Further Probability and Statistics

What does it include?

  • high-quality resources

  • materials to print and use in class

  • interactive on-screen activities for your students to explore

  • tests with worked solutions

Why use Integral resources for Cambridge International?



Integral is produced by MEI, a British charity that works to improve mathematics education. It is used daily by thousands of teachers and students and is up-to-date for the latest syllabus. We've worked with Hodder Education so that our resources for Cambridge International can be used with their textbooks and eTextbooks.


High quality

You can be confident in the quality of Integral. It has been developed by experienced maths education specialists. We take great care to ensure that our resources are produced to the highest standards.



Our team will help you get set up with Integral and are available by e-mail to provide support and advice. We respond to e-mail enquiries as soon as possible, usually within one working day.


Value for money

We are not-for-profit and keep prices low. Integral contains thousands of questions with worked solutions, hundreds of interactive resources and extensive classroom activities.


Ideal for your students

Integral is designed to develop deep understanding and the skills students need to apply maths. Teaching ideas and activities encourage students to discuss maths and work through problems with other students. Exercises practise the hand-written maths skills they need for exams and beyond. It’s also the ideal companion for Independent learning.


Ideal for you

Includes inspiring ideas and materials to support your teaching, plus tools for assessing students’ progress so that you can focus on planning and teaching.

School/College Subscriptions*

Subscriptions for the Cambridge International specification normally run for one year from when they are taken out.

As many teacher accounts as you need

Prices start at £280 for ten student accounts

*School/college subscriptions are not currently available in Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Korea, India, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Syria, Tanzania, USA. Sales to countries outside of the UK are subject to reverse charge sales tax.

Number of student accounts Cost for CI spec subscription
10 £280
20 £300
35 £330
50 £360
75 £445
100 £505
125 £555
150 £595
175 £630
200 £655
200+ Please contact us on
01225 774 144 or email to discuss

Preview Integral resources for Cambridge International

Preview the Coordinate geometry chapter.

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NEW integrated eTextbooks

Integral resources for Cambridge International are integrated with Hodder Education’s Student eTextbooks and Whiteboard eTextbooks for AS/A level Mathematics.

View example resources


Notes, examples and crucial points

helpfully written notes, all the common misconceptions laid out



three levels of exercise for each section of learning


Topic assessments and section tests

for monitoring progress all the way to examination preparation


Teacher support

helping teachers make the most of their time



enabling students to explore new areas of maths independently



developing essential skills for exams and beyond

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