Almost all sections include a section test test covering the work in the section. There are two different types of test:

  • In Core 1-4 and Statistics 1-2, we have introduced a new type of test. The questions are included in the test itself, and there are a variety of types of question, including short answer, multiple choice and matching questions. For each question, students can check their answer immediately after entering it, and if it is wrong they will be given another attempt for fewer marks.
    If you need printable copies of the test question, these are available in pdf form in a folder in the Introduction and Overview section of each course.
  • In all other modules, all questions are multiple choice. The questions are in a pdf file, and the test itself is used to enter the answers. Both the pdf file and the test itself are located near the bottom of each section. Students may find it helpful to print out the test questions and work through them on paper before entering answers into the test. There are 3 points for a correct answer, 1 point for 'I don't know' and 0 points for a wrong answer (this is to discourage guessing!)

All tests can also be accessed from the top menu, under Tests.

The full benefit of these tests can only be accessed with a full subscription to the online resources. Subscribed students can take the test which will immediately be automatically marked and their marks will appear in the markbook.
Students who obtain 23 or more out of 30 are given a link to the worked solutions. Two attempts are allowed on each test.

Tutors may view a complete breakdown of the results for their group.

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