The first block of resources in each section consists of a number of pdf documents. pdf


Resources which may be included are:

  • A Study plan linked to the textbook for the course. This gives an introduction to the mathematics covered within the section, and details what parts of the textbook are covered, together with suggestions for using the Notes and Examples and other resources. It also suggests questions to attempt from the textbook exercises.

  • In some courses, a Section overview is provided instead of the study plan. This includes the specification content for the section, key points and formulae, and a description of the additional resources available.

  • The Notes and examples supplements the textbook by providing additional examples and sometimes alternative methods and extension material.

  • Crucial points lists a number of points that students need to know, and common mistakes that are made. Often these are based on comments from Examiner's reports.

  • There may be an Additional exercise, which offers extra questions that can be used to supplement textbook questions. Worked Solutions to these exercises, in a handwriting font, are also provided.