Your Profile is the place where your personal details are stored, such as your name and email address.
Your profile can be accessed from the top menu, or by clicking on your own name.

The Activity reports links allow you to see details of the activities you have viewed within a course.

You can also change your password, or access your messages, using the buttons below the profile information.

You can add a picture, information about your interests and so on to your profile by clicking Edit profile.

If you don't already have an email address entered in your profile, it's a good idea to add one. If you forget your password, you need a registered email address to be able to use the Help me login facility. A registered email address also allows you to have your Messages sent to you by email when you aren't logged on, and you can also be sent notification of new forum posts by email if you choose.

When you post to a forum, an email is sent to all forum subscribers. When you send a message to someone who is offline, the message will be sent by email. By default, the email display in your profile is set to 'Hide my email address from everyone'. This means that these emails will have your name on but will be sent from a 'no-reply' email address. If you would prefer your own email address (the one specified in your profile) to appear on these emails, so that people can reply directly, then go to your profile, select the Edit profile tab and change the setting in the Email display drop-down box.

User report

You should not normally change the Email activated field. Your email address should remain enabled so that you can receive message notifications when you are offline.