When you login, you will be taken to a list of your courses. Click on a course to enter it.

Each AS or A2 course is split into sections which are grouped by topic area. For example, OCR FP1 has topics Matrices, Complex numbers, Series and induction, and Roots of polynomial equations. Each of these topics has up to about four sections.

The structure of the course is shown in a menu on the right of the page. The topic areas are listed, and clicking on each topic area gives access to the sections within the topic area.

The first section in each topic is the Overview section, which contains information about the topic, links to each subsection, and the topic assessment.

Just below the top menu bar is the breadcrumb trail. This tells you where you are on the site.

For example, the image above shows that you are in the course MEI_C1, in the topic Basic algebra and in the subsection Expressions and equations. Clicking on the Basic algebra link will take you to the Basic algebra Overview page, and clicking on the MEI_C1 link will take you to the course home page, listing all the topics. Clicking on My home takes you back to the site home page.

Top menus

  • My courses lists all the courses you are currently enrolled in. This provides a quick method of moving from one course to another without having to go back to the Home page.
  • Help takes you to the Help home page, which opens in a separate window, so that you can navigate around the Help pages without losing your place in the main website.
  • Under the Contact us menu, please use Report an error to tell us about any errors or broken links in the resources. We want to make sure that the resources are as good as possible, so we are always very grateful to be alerted to any corrections which need to be made.
  • You can also give us general feedback on the website using the Give feedback link.
  • Profile gives access to your profile page where your personal details are listed and can be updated, and the forums page, which tells you about your forum subscriptions in the course. You can also access your profile by clicking on your name anywhere that it appears on the site.
  • The External links menu provides some useful websites. All these open in a separate window so that you don't lose your place within Integral.

There are some additional menu items which may appear when you are within a course.

  • If you are a member of one or more groups in the course, My groups will be present.
  • If there are any tests in the course, the My Tests menu will appear. This gives access to the Section tests page, which contains links to the tests and information about results (see the Section tests help page for more information), and the Results page which lists all test results for section tests and topic assessments (see the Your results help page for more information).

Right-hand column

The right-hand column is the place where you can access all the communication tools and resources.
  • Teachers may put important events for their groups in the Calendar, and all users can add their own events too, only visible to themselves. See the Calendar help page for more information.
  • The Messages block is used to send messages, and shows any new messages you have received. See the Messaging help page for further information.