The Messages block in the right-hand column contains a list of any unread messages you have.


Click on the speech bubble to read the message.

Contacts list

The Messages link in the Messages block takes you to your Messages navigation page. New messages from anyone not on your Contacts list will be shown as Incoming Contacts. You can click the add icon next to an incoming contact to add them as a contact. There is also an option to block them from sending you messages in future.


You can send a message to anyone who is in a group with you (in any course).

To send a message to someone who isn't yet on your Contacts list

Within your course, use My group on the top menu to see a list of everyone in your group. Click on a person's name to see their profile, and then press the Send Message button.

When you have sent the message, it's a good idea to save this person to your Contacts list by pressing Add Contact. This will make it easier to find the message again if you want to.

To send a message to someone who is on your Contacts list

Select My contacts from the drop-down menu on the message navigation page. From the Contacts list, click on the person's name, type your message and press Send.
By pressing the History icon you can see all the messages sent between yourself and this contact.

You can block a contact if you don't want to receive any messages from that person. Click on the person's name and then click Block contact. However, students cannot block messages from any tutor who shares a group with them.

Incoming messages

If a message arrives when you are online, and your browser is set to allow pop-ups, a Messages window will appear (unless you have changed your Messaging settings to disable this - see below). You will also see the number of unread messages under Messages in the right-hand column.

If you read a message but don't want to respond to it, and the person isn't on your Contacts list, then you should save them as a contact so that you can easily find the message again.

If you want to find a previously received message from someone not on your contacts list, then you can use the Search tab, using their name or a word in the message.

If a message arrives when you are offline, it will be emailed to you (assuming that you have a valid email address enabled in your profile), unless you have changed your Messaging settings to stop this happening.

Messaging settings

To change your message settings, go to your own profile page, and click Messaging in the Settings block.


You can choose whether the Messages window appears when you get a new message. If you do want it to appear, your browser needs to allow pop-ups for the site. If this is not the cases, the number of unread messages you have will still be displayed in the Messages block.

You can choose whether or not to have messages emailed to you when you are offline. It's best to have this checked, otherwise you could miss an important message.