You may sometimes want to write mathematical expressions in your forum posts.

When you write a forum post, you should find that there is a toolbar just above the space where you type. .
The Special Characters button insert_char on this toolbar allows you to add many useful mathematical characters to your post.

For more complicated mathematical expressions, you can use the DragMath button dragmath . This allows you to build up mathematical expressions using templates.

Please note that DragMath requires Java, and you may find that it is blocked by security settings.

For example, this is how you would construct the quadratic formula using DragMath:

  • Click the Fractions / square root tab, and select the Fraction template. Type 2a in the box in the denominator.
  • On the top of the fraction, you will need two expressions linked by a ± sign. Click the first tab, select the ± sign, and click on the top of the fraction.
  • Type -b in the left box. Now select the Fractions / square root tab, select the square root template, and click on the right box.
  • Under the square root sign, you will need two expressions linked by a minus sign. Click the first tab, select the minus sign, and click on the box under the square root.
  • Type 4ac in the box after the minus sign. Now click on the Fractions / square root tab, and choose the template for a power.
  • Type b in the main box and 2 in the power box.

Click Insert. The equation will then appear in your post in TeX form - it won't look anything like your equation at this stage, but don't worry, it will appear correctly when you submit your post.

Note that when you receive a forum post by email, the DragMath expression will probably appear as a red cross. Clicking Download pictures should make it display correctly. However, any users who have chosen in their Profile to receive emails in plain text format rather than HTML will see the TeX version of the equation and will only be able to view the equation in its correct form by going into the forum itself to view the post.