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Integral's resources are tailored to five A level specifications.

Integral will be fully updated for the new A level specifications for first teaching in September 2017. This version will remain available to support the legacy specifications..

Access sample sections from Core 1 or Further Pure 1 for your specification below.

Spec Sample Topic I Sample Topic II

See how Integral section pages are laid out:

Section page example layout

Content overview

For each specification, A level Maths and Further Maths is covered by well over 100 teaching and learning sections.

Complete section lists by specification:

AQA || Edexcel || MEI || OCR || WJEC

This video shows the kind of resources you'll find in an Integral section.


From just 265 pounds, annual subscriptions are available giving teachers and students access to Integral.

Subscriptions give access to student accounts ensuring them 24/7 access and enabling student tracking.

School/college subscriptions:

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Individual students who don't have access to Integral via their school/college can also subscribe:

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What you'll find in Integral:

Learning walkthroughs

New during 2015/16: A walkthrough is a sequence of activities, most of which are based on Geogebra, which students can follow independently or in class to explore the initial ideas in an area of mathematics.

Try a Walkthrough: Circles
Try a Walkthrough: Radians
Try a Walkthrough: Trig values and graphs
Try a Walkthrough: Stationary Points

See our video about Walkthroughs:

Skill packs

New during 2015/16: A skill pack is a series of examples and questions where students can learn and practise the basic skills, techniques and formulae required for a section of learning.

Try a Skill Pack: Circle equations
Try a Skill Pack: Tangents to circles
Try a Skill Pack: Completing the square
Try a Skill Pack: Graphs of quadratics

See our video about Integral's skill packs:

Much more...


  • Online tests
  • Student tracking
  • Student explore and investigate resources
  • Solutions to some textbook questions
  • Sumaze puzzles
  • Forums to get support from MEI staff and other teachers
  • Administrative and academic support by phone and e-mail.

See our video about Integral's online tests and student tracking: