Your Home page is the first page that you see when you log in. It lists all your courses.

You can customise this page by re-ordering your courses, and adding blocks to the right of the page. To do this, press the Customise this page button on the top right of the page.

When you are in 'edit mode', you can re-order your courses by hovering over the cross to the left of a course name, and then dragging and dropping it to a new position. In this way you could put the courses you need most often at the top of the list.

When in 'edit mode', the Add a block drop-down menu appears on the right. There are a number of blocks that you can add if you wish:

  • Calendar
    This is similar to the Calendar blocks that appear in most courses, but it includes all events from all your courses.
  • Messages
    This is the same as the Messages block that appears in most courses - you may find it convenient to have one on your home page as well.
  • Upcoming events
    This lists events from the calendar that are coming up in the next few weeks. By default this shows up to 10 events, within the next 21 days. You can change these defaults by going into the calendar and pressing the Preferences button.
  • HTML
    This allows you to add some text to your page - for example, you could make a 'todo' list. Once you have added the block, click the 'cog' icon to go into the block and add your text.

Blocks can be moved using the 'move' icon, or deleted using the 'delete' icon in the header of the block when in 'edit mode'.