The Calendar can be used to store events. Events can be set in several different ways:

  • at course level red) - these events can be seen by all users enrolled in the course, and can only be added by the site administrators. Examination dates are added at course level.

  • at group level (yellow) - these events can be seen by all group members, and can only be added by tutors within a group.

  • at user level (blue) - these events can only be seen by the user who added them. Tutors and students can add their own user events.

To add an event, click on the month name to enter the calendar and press New Event. You'll be asked to add the name, description, date and time of the event.

If you have added a calendar block to your home page (containing the list of courses), this brings together all events from all courses in which a user is enrolled. You can also add an Upcoming events block on the home page, which lists any calendar events that are coming up (such as an assignment deadline). You can customise how many days ahead this block should look, and how many events it should show. To do this, go into the Calendar and click the Preferences button in the top right corner.

Any events entered into the calendar at user level will appear in the calendar within all courses.