OCR Level 3 FSMQ: Additional Maths

OCR Free Standing Maths Qualification (FSMQ): Additional Mathematics introduces students to the maths studied post–16, including AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. It's designed for students who have sat, or are intending to sit, Higher Tier GCSE Mathematics. Integral has resources to support students taking this qualification.

  • OCR Free Standing Maths Qualification (FSMQ): Additional Mathematics- 6993

Integral resources for OCR FSMQ: Additional Mathematics emphasise problem-solving skills and extended questions based on ideas covered in GCSE maths as well as covering topic that students are likely to be meeting for the first time such as differentiation, integration and the binomial distribution.

Integrated with Hodder Education's eTextbooks

These Integral resources are fully integrated with Hodder Education's Dynamic Learning eTextbooks.

Integral fully supports the qualification

Integral covers the whole of the OCR FSMQ: Additional Mathematics specification. The material is presented in topics, which are further divided into sections. 

Algebra review I
Algebraic manipulation
Simultaneous equations
Algebra review II
Algebraic fractions
Expressions involving square roots
Operations with polynomials
The factor theorem
Graphing polynomial functions
The binomial expansion
Sequences and recurrence relations
2D Coordinate geometry
Distance and gradients
The equation of a straight line
The equation of a circle
Inequalities in 2D and linear programming
Inequalities in 2D
Linear programming
Trigonometric functions and equations
Trigonometric identities
The sine and cosine rules
Trigonometry applications
Lines and planes in three dimensions
Products, tree diagrams and Venn diagrams
Permutations and combinations
The binomial distribution
Powers and iteration
Exponentials and logarithms
Approximating solutions of equations
The gradient of a curve
Tangents, normals and stationary points
Approximating gradients
Reversing differentation
Finding areas
Approximating area
Applications of calculus to kinematics
The constant acceleration formulae
Variable acceleration

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