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The teaching activities section for each topic is a gold mine.


I love the links to Geogebra tasks which allow us to explore concepts more deeply with students. I use the problem solving shorts as starters or intermittently through a lesson once a concept has been taught. The matching activities save time re-inventing the wheel, and we’ve found our students really engage with them, and like to compete with each other to be the best! In short – the resources either provided by or linked through Integral allow us to plan more engaging and effective lessons in less time

All students have their own accounts and we direct them to the notes and examples, walkthrough activities and skill packs during independent learning time. I like that we are able to track whether a student has accessed a resource or not. We use the level 1 exercises through teaching and build into the level 2 exercises either as part of the lesson or independent study. Having the solutions online is really valuable, as the students can see where they went wrong without having to seek out a member of staff. These practice questions supplement our textbook questions and later in the year can be used as revision. The level 3 exercises are great for stretch and challenge independent tasks and our top students really enjoy tackling these. .

I love that Integral is a resource which develops the much needed skill of independence in our students. We set the topic assessments as end of topic homework tasks, and grade these to exam standard. I like the mix of questions, some are accessible to all and others are problem solving and pose more of a challenge. We track their results of these to help us monitor student progress throughout the year.

Finally, I find the tutor forum to be a brilliant place to ask and answer questions; collaborative working on a National level! We also use Integral for our Core Maths teaching and learning and our Level 2 Further Maths class – we await the updated version of this qualification with great anticipation for the new spec!

Suzy, Maths Teacher, Helston Community School



With the new specification coming through Integral was the obvious choice to support our teachers, resources are being added and updated all of the time.


I have found the videos invaluable, particularly when teaching Further Mathematics, in order to support my own understanding before teaching the students.

The additional teaching resources, including the group work activities and interesting starter activities that have supported our students in their understanding of the topics taught, are fantastic.

With some new topics in the new specification, it has been a relief to have videos and clear notes and examples so we can effectively prepare our A level staff for teaching these new topics.

Staff and students alike have benefitted from using the Walkthroughs, with students able to access these from home in order to build their confidence. With the Large Data Sets, Integral has been the only place where we’ve found quality resources that we can pick up and use without having to tweak or produce our own.

Communication with the staff at Integral is also a massive plus for us. Whenever we have had issues or questions, they have responded quickly with explanations and have worked with us when there were details we weren’t sure about.

Sheena, Maths Teacher, Jack Hunt School



I could concentrate on delivery rather than creating lots of resources.


I've been using Integral to teach statistics

Integral resources enabled me to make statistics hands-on and practical for the students. Integral meant I could concentrate on delivery rather than creating lots of resources.

The teaching activities include suggestions for their use in lessons, including good questions and discussion points to bring out.

My students also use the section tests. The way Integral reports on them allows me to quickly identify any misconceptions my students might have.

Emma, Maths Teacher, Brompton Academy

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