Get prepared for the new AS/A levels coming in 2017

What's changing

New AS and A levels in Mathematics and Further Mathematics are being introduced for first teaching from September 2017. These changes affect all of the specifications offered in England.

New linear structure

  • AS decoupled from A level

  • All assessment will be at the end of the course

  • Exam questions may draw on the whole content

New emphasis

  • More emphasis on problem solving, reasoning and modelling

  • The use of technology 'must permeate' the study of AS and A level mathematics. (DfE subject guidance)

New content

  • Fixed content for AS and A level Mathematics including pure mathematics, mechanics and statistics (with large data sets)

  • Some choice for AS and A level Further Mathematics

How can Integral help you?

We're developing a new version of Integral which will provide all the support you need with this transition.


Revised content

Integral for 2017 will match the content of each of the new specifications, and will include resources to support the analysis of large data sets. It will be invaluable, whether you're familiar with the new content, or if you're teaching some aspects, such as mechanics or statistics, for the first time.


New emphasis

Throughout Integral you will find a new focus on modelling, reasoning and problem solving. We're also adding resources that bring together a range of topics and provide opportunities to practise exam-style questions.


Teaching support

The change from a modular to linear structure will make planning your scheme of work particularly challenging. Integral for 2017 provides a set of teacher resources for each section. This is linked to a suggested scheme of work which you can adapt to suit you.


Tracking progress

Each section will include three levels of written exercise covering basic skills through to extension questions, so that you can select work appropriate for each student. Tracking and analytical information enable you to assess engagement and progress.


New student resources

We're continuing to add resources which enable students to explore concepts independently, practise related skills, and develop their understanding. Learning walkthroughs and skill packs are particularly useful for flipped learning models.


Easier to use

We've listened to your feedback and have made Integral for 2017 easier to navigate, search and work through independently. Responsive content makes it easier to use on mobile devices.

Sample the 2017 site

You can now preview some sections of our new site. As well as access to Integral for the current specifications, 2016/17 subscribers will get access to this site from later this year and will be able to see new content as it is added.

Learn more about the new AS/A level specifications

Preview some of the new resources


Problem-solving resources

developing essential skills for exams and beyond


Dynamic mechanics resources

including walkthroughs and easy-to-do classroom activities


Large data set activities

including data sets, exercises, videos and presentations


Teacher support

helping you to make the most of your time



enabling students to explore new areas of maths independently


Skill packs

providing essential practice to consolidate learning

NEW integrated eTextbooks

New Integral will be integrated with Hodder Education's Student eTextbooks and Whiteboard eTextbooks for AS/A level Mathematics.

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